About Bill Schultz

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Bill Schultz considers himself blessed. Early in life, he was a great athlete and a student leader. As an adult, he excelled in the corporate world and as a business owner. He’s a loving husband, father, grandfather, and leader in his church and community.

But what makes Bill’s life story truly extraordinary is how it all began.

Bill was born with severe congenital deformities of his left arm and hand and his right leg, which was amputated shortly after his birth.

From the moment he was born, Bill was accepted and loved by his parents and extended family. Throughout his life, schoolmates, co-workers, friends, his wife, and his children continued that same level of love and encouragement. With this unending support, and God’s grace, Bill overcame many physical and emotional obstacles, and achieved both personal and career happiness and success.

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Bill Schultz has owned and managed an executive search firm in Madison, Wisconsin for more than 25 years. Bill has long been active in his community as a Little League coach and ministry leader in his church. He volunteers in community organizations, including the American Family Children’s Hospital, and is currently involved in the launch of the Miracle League of Dane County.

He lives in Madison with his wife, Kathy. They have two grown children – Brian and Bethany – and two granddaughters.

Bill published his life story Short-Handed: A Young Boy’s Triumph Over Adversity in February 2014. He’s a motivational/inspirational speaker on the topics of encouragement and overcoming life obstacles. He has spoken at elementary and middle school assemblies, corporate gatherings, faith-based audiences, and high school and college level athletic groups and more.

“I can’t really say that I ever considered you handicapped. Sure, I recognized you were different. But … to me, you were just a great guy. I’m not sure where you got this inner strength and courage. I’m sure some was from your folks and your older brother. But I know for sure a lot came from Bill Schultz himself.” —Jim Emery, Bill’s best friend growing up in Schenectady (NY)

“I was always impressed with your determination and infectious enthusiasm. It was not a hard decision selecting you as my varsity football manager … You became an integral part of the team. You had the charisma and leadership ability to overcome that barrier. You were always inspirational and we were much better because of that.”

—Don Boothe, head football coach, Niskayuna High School (NY), 1959–1974