My parents (1982)On November 10th, 1929, Addison Schultz and Millicent McLaughlin, my parents, were married in Kingston, New York. Although they have passed away, they are still in my thoughts each and every day.

Total, unconditional acceptance

My parents fully accepted me from the moment I was born.  They saw my severe deformities, looked past them and raised me as a normal child – allowing me to experience life, find my limitations and more importantly my strengths. They helped me succeed by letting me try. They did not shelter me from life’s challenges. As I get older, I appreciate and recognize the amount of love and encouragement they provided me.

Confidence from encouragement

I have accomplished many things in my life, experiencing both success and failure. I can handle almost any challenge before me. My healthy level of self-confidence came from the love and encouragement from two great parents. I am grateful to the Lord for making them a part of my life.

Who are the encouragers in your life?